Our Programs

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing school environment that fosters independence, problem solving, and great works in our students. We offer tools to explore all areas of human knowledge. We encourage all of our students to be participating members of a socially-conscious and green community by inspiring them to be critical thinkers and capable of reflection, communication, and action.

Primary Program

Our Primary Program consists of mixed-age classrooms of children age three through Kindergarten. Our three year old and four year old programs are tuition based. Our kindergarten program is part of our free charter school. We offer both school day and extended day programs.

Our Expert Primary Montessori Educators are specially-trained in child development and determining what each child needs through careful observation.

Elementary Program

Our Elementary Program includes a three-year experience in a mixed-age Lower Elementary classroom (grades 1-3) and a three-year experience in a mixed-age Upper Elementary classroom (grades 4-6). We also have one bilingual classroom (French) that includes children from grades 1-6.

Our expert Elementary Montessori Educators are observant, respectful and passionate about guiding each child to full engagement in every area of curriculum.

Adolescent Program (Middle School)

Our adolescent program (grades 7-8) offers a unique combination of academic work and field experiences within a small, safe community. With the knowledge and real-life experience our students gain at HDMS, they leave our program prepared to succeed in any high school environment.

Our Expert Adolescent Program Educators are subject matter specialists with additional Montessori training.

Enrichment Program

High Desert Montessori School offers programs for our students grade 1-8 that need to be dropped off earlier than our regular start time and picked up later than the end of the regular school day. The “Before Care” and “After Care” enrichment programs are an option for parents for a monthly fee. Activities are scheduled to help keep our students busy and occupied and an after school snack is provided.